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Fix-able: Some Fashion Mistakes can easily be Reversed

Some men pay attention to every aspect of fashion, more specifically what they wear and how they’re groomed from head to toe.

Clothing in particular is quite daunting, mostly due to the always changing trends of men’s fashion or trying to keep that flawless look a consistent part of your day. Even the most ardent men who love to stay stylish can slip up from time to time.

That’s why, when it comes to men’s fashion, there are always a few staples to fall back on if you’re not particularly feeling on point today, this week or next month.

Let’s start with that belt you’re wearing (or not, for that matter).

If you’re going to be wearing any sort of dress shirt, polo or collared shirt, you want to take full advantage of that belt and be certain to tuck that shirt in each and every time. A more casual look of late that is somewhat accepted from time is the long sleeved, typically solid colored, dress shirt not tucked in. This is fine if you’re having a casual day but not at the office, on a date or at a function that requires or carries a “business casual” tag line.

What is more frowned upon is leaving your shirt not tucked in and looking disheveled. And as long as you’re making good use of your belt, keep two things in mind with that remarkably important accessory: make sure it matches your shoes and if you’re going to tuck (which you should) make sure you go all the way. Tucking a shirt and flouncing it so the bottom part sits over the belt is an awful look and went out of style in the mid 1990s, and will make you look like you’re carrying an extra 10 pounds. Instead, try finding shirts that are made to tuck into pants (they’re considered fitted at the waist) or create your own crease as you tuck in and buckle your belt.

And please, don’t tuck your shirt into your underwear. That’s only going to cause your shirt to ride up and eventually pull that underwear waist band up above your waistline for the world to see.

From the tuck rule and belt dilemma to another simple fashion reminder: if you’re wearing a shirt and tie, button the top button of the shirt. Nothing screams messy and lazy quite like the working man’s tie. The sloppy knot, tie pulled down and the first, top button undone. To make matters worse, you certainly don’t want to be strolling into the office with a tie and the dreaded short sleeved shirt.

Finally, make sure your socks match. A blue and black sock together might seem harmless, but someone at the office or home is going to spot it.

And as long as you’re looking at your feet, don’t even think about wearing sneakers with dress pants. Luckily for most men, these are easily fixable issues. So, with that, start fixing them and don’t leve the house until they’re done.

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