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Fixing Up The Husband’s Look

My husband and I have been married now for almost nineteen years, which is particularly funny to me because I was almost nineteen when we met. Who knew when that gangly guy showed up at our local church one Sunday night that he would end up being my husband! What’s even more comical is that to this day, he still swears that somehow I saved him from his once boring life. I think that’s because I didn’t give him much of a choice about coming out of his introverted little shell of a world, and expanding his horizons. Poor guy!

My husband truly lived in a peaceful little world of his own until my arrival. The guy lived in Florida and didn’t own shorts. He lived less than five miles from the beach yet had never really been. He didn’t even own a bathing suit! Well, I saw to it that his sheltered little world was about to change! First off, it was time to unveil his glowing legs and put on some shorts. A shopping trip led to my purchase of some plaid shorts and a comfy cotton t-shirt. Although he greatly protested dawning what he called “golf pants” (which they were not!), he put them on and eventually got comfortable enough to wear them out of the house.

The next step was to not only find this guy a bathing suit, but also get his ghostly shell to the beach! Again, he protested a bit, but went along. I got him as far as the beach blanket the first time, and despite the fact that I completely fried the poor guy, he went back with me time and time again. I even convinced him to bust out his swim trunks for a midnight swim one night. Who was to know then that just a few years later we would be chasing our toddlers up and down the very same shoreline together.

It’s funny what love can do to you, and how it can chase you out of your comfort zone to embrace who you were meant to be. Today, my husband proudly and comfortably dawns his shorts and t-shirts, and absolutely adores water sports of any kind. Apparently, he just needed a push in the right direction and some expert fashion advice from his unknown bride to be! Maybe I did save him from his boring life after all!

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