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Four First Date Fashion “Don’ts” for Men

A first date is a time when a man and woman get together to decide if they will see each other again. Therefore, it is the wrong time to make an unforgivable fashion mistake. The following are four first date fashion don’ts that cannot be redeemed or rectified:

Hyper-Saggy Pants

While sagging pants are becoming more acceptable in some areas of our society, some people take the concept too far. Some people who are into the saggy pants fashion have taken it so far that they are now exposing their boxers completely. A man should think twice before he shows his entire pair of boxers to try to look cool. Saggy pants are not very cool. In fact, on a first date, they make the male look as though he does not care enough about his date to find a belt.

Debris in the Beard

A nicely trimmed small beard or goatee will most likely be considered as acceptable first-date facial hair. A long, knotty beard might be acceptable by a first date, but not if it has debris in it. A man should always check the mirror several times before he heads out for the most important date of his life. He may choose to wear a long, beard, but she should at least give the woman some courtesy by combing and washing it.

Noah’s Ark Bottoms

Bearing skin is something that couples should do on subsequent dates, not first dates. Therefore, the male should not come to the date wearing pants with bottoms that end more than two inches above the top of the shoes. People refer to such pants as “Noah’s Ark bottoms” because they look as if the person wearing them is preparing for a flood. Another name for such pants are “high-waters” for the same reason. Noah’s Ark bottoms are bad for two reasons. First, a first date does not care to see a man’s socks. Secondly, a first date may not want to see a part of a man’s leg, especially if the skin is dry or ashy.


Piercings and tattoos are trendy items, but they become nightmares when people can no longer see a person’s face. A man should never adorn his face with so much jewelry that he becomes unrecognizable. The date will not return, because she will not be sure of whom she is dating.

Several more don’ts exist, but the aforementioned are considered immediately deal breakers.

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