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Getting the Boot: Stacking up favorite boots for men

There is never a bad time to break out the boots.  So what’s in season as far as fashionable  footwear for men goes?  Besides looking good, a man wants a pair of boots that’s going to last as well.

For starters, you can’t go wrong with some of the brand names you know and love but also included are names that might be a little bit foreign to men, but still pack quite the punch as far as footwear is concerned.

Timberland boots were originally designed for outdoor wear.  Today, they’re a fashion statement and one of the most recognizable brands of footwear.  These boots are more for a rugged look and are also a staple of hip hop fashion.  Not the boots to wear with skinny jeans, but definitely the style for loose fitting jeans and to give a man a more rugged look.

Wolverine and UGG are almost as recognizable as Timberland, with Wolverine mostly known as a rugged and long lasting work boot, Wolverine’s are also being worn as a fashion statement. The 1000 mile range model is more fashion and less outdoorsy.  But it gives a great look that can be worn with just about anything, and is designed to last.  It’s name sake comes from the guarantee they will give you a thousand miles of wear.

UGG’s are very popular with women, but the men’s version are great for winter as well.  While not the fashionable boot you would wear for a dressed up night out, UGG’s provide warmth and protection for a man against the elements of winter.

Two names you might not be familiar with also make this who’s who of boots for men: Belstaff and Grenson.

Belts is a British company that originally designed it’s boots for bikers.  They’re higher and laceless unlike some of the other brands mentioned.  While they can be worn for what their original purpose was, you don’t have to be a biker to rock these boots.  Belstaff’s give a unique style to the man who wears them, and are also tough enough to withstand the winter.

Greyson gives the look of a dress shoe in boot form.  This style can be worn for more dressed up occasions or to enhance the casual look as well.  Grenson’s are definitely designed more for style though, and not for the winter elements, as the flat sole could make walking in the snow feel more like ice skating.

Each of these brands provide a variety of both style and toughness for the winter.  While some are designed more for fashion and others more for the look, the wise choice for a man when it comes to boots this winter would be to pick up a couple of different brands to not only enhance their wardrobe, but also to provide warmth and protection while looking good this winter.

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