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Guys: How to Dress to Impress in the Workplace

Figuring out how to dress to impress in the workplace can be tricky for men. Such is a process that takes time to learn. Different employers have different standards for dress. They may even have separate standards for different departments. A man most likely will not find out what an employer expects during the interview, so he would need to use the following strategy:

Wear Business Casual to Orientation

A male worker must always remember that he is on probation for 60 to 90 days after the employer hires him. The probationary period includes the orientation day. In fact, many employers test their new employees during orientation by not telling them what to wear. Business casual wear is perfect when a person is in doubt. A business casual look includes black dress shoes and socks, professional slacks, and a dress shirt. Ties are optional, but they can add a nice touch to the ensemble.

The employer will most likely pass out the employee handbook during the orientation. The employee handbook will outline the employer’s expectations for hairstyles, clothing, jewelry and the like. The male can use it as a guide, but he will still want to stay one step above the guide.

Wear Business Casual to the First Shift

Business casual wear is still a safe way of dress for the first shift at a new job. Once the male enters the building, he can observe the other workers in his department to see what they are wearing. He can ask the other employees about acceptable adjustments. For example, the department may have a dress-down day on Friday, and the new employee can wear denims on that day. The employee will want to consult with a member of the management staff, as well.

Tailor Clothing to the Trends

Once the employee passes his probationary period, then he may want to try different looks. He may want to introduce a new color to his wardrobe or eliminate the tie he has been wearing. The management staff will approach the employee if it feels as if he has done something wrong. Otherwise, the employee can continue to add new fashionable additions to his work attire. The key is to avoid going overboard. Tank tops, flip-flops, slippers, slides and shorts are unacceptable in most workplaces.

The male will want to stick to the foundation of the company’s culture while adding his special flair to the equation.

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