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Haberdasher is one who sells mens fashion.  David Watkins is so much more than just a haberdasher.  I have discovered one of the most amazing tailors alive.  Gosh, tailor doesn’t adequately describe him, either.  What would you call a man that designs clothes for you.  No one else can wear your clothes because anything you buy from House of Abbeydale will be tailor made for you.  Not tailor fitted, but designed and sewn just for you.  I find that pretty impressive.   The most practical piece that can be made for you is either the Oxford Spread or the Oxford Club.  Both shirts come in a variety of seven fabrics and all are luxuriously “practical”.  I mean, a gentleman could wear a House of Abbeydale shirt for-ever.  I stole an Oxford from my father back in high school and I still wear it with pearls, and I can totally imagining a HOA shirt being treated the same way.

Watkins doesn’t stop with Oxfords…he has suits as well, but only custom made so you will need to visit Mr. Watkins yourself to get a suit.  His suits are made using traditional Italian techniques which means your suit will be a European cut suit that will make the most of the male figure.  You can count on his modern taste and old world skills will give you a style that will set you apart from your friends at the Club.

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