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Handlebar Moustache and Cigars

I think culture has come full swing from bra burning angry women and wimpy men that cry all the way back to handlebar moustaches with mutton chops and cigars!  I like it, too.  I like it when people are who they are and they will not apologize for it.  I can respect that.  I can appreciate it when women aren’t allowed to walk in the door versus allowed in but treated like an outsider.  This is a new trend hitting the downtown bar scene and it’s manly.  Seriously, it’s all men.

This new trend is cigar bars.  I love the smell of lit cigars believe it or not and I love seeing all those men beating their chests and howling at the moon as they casually suck a fat stogie.  I even like the fact that they usually are open air bars so that feminists can see what they are missing.  I love the sound of the drunk apes as they argue over issues like A Rod and whether real or silicon are better to motor boat on.  I prefer this self-assured bloated with ambition loud tick of a man over the man of the last few decades.  The man that can hold his own in a place like that has style and he’s okay with me.  I am a man and I belong to the man club no women allowed…unless you are serving our drinks.

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