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Hats Off: Is your headgear horribly outdated?

When was the last time you worried about your fashion sense?

More specifically, do you really even pay much attention to fashionable accessories, specifically headgear?

Truth is, most guys would be lucky to even give their main attire a second look much less worry about watches, shoes and sunglasses to complete that perfect ensemble.

But much to the dismay and chagrin of some men and to the delight of others, accessories are superbly important to piecing together the perfect wardrobe and adding that extra statement on to your shirt, pants and suit jacket.

One accessory left off that aforementioned list are hats, and with good reason: do we really even give hats much thought?
The truth is hats are just as important as any other accessory you’re including in your closet, only with a small caveat: not everyone can pull off certain looks in this regard.

For example, someone will a larger head much want to steer clear of the fedora, even thought this is quite the fashion statement and is lauded as beloved by most men, particularly if you’re losing the battle against the bald.

The fedora is cool, sleek and a trendy hat for men who sport a perfectly round head or one that isn’t too tall.

With winter arrived in most areas, you could look toward the beanie or skull cap as your headgear of choice. The more popular version of this for men currently is the the solid color knit hat that folds up at the ear. You want to stay clear of the “skull cap,” a trend that wore out its welcome about 10 years ago. These are the like winter visors of a generation past. Much like visors fell out of style because of it being some sort of incomplete baseball cap, the skull cap is just a shorter version of the over the ear knit cap.

And as long as we’re talking about baseball caps, here’s some good and bad news: the mesh backing hat (trucker) is no longer considered contemporary or relevant. That’s either good or bad depending on how you feel about that style of cap. Here’s another piece of information: make sure your baseball cap fits snug up against your ears. No one wants to see you wearing a baseball cap that stops at your temple.

Whether you’re talking about outdated, out of style headgear or just wearing something that doesn’t fit your head all that well, you can make just as many fashion missteps with your hat as you could any other article of clothing.

But don’t lose your head of your hat, and make what you put on the top of your head at the top of your accessories list.

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