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Have You Considered a Hat?

My husband just bought a hat.  It’s one of those Irish/Scottish looking plaid hats that men used to wear golfing.  He decided he needed a more grown man hat instead of the baseball caps he has worn for decades.  All I have to say is I like it.  His hat is uber sexy.  He picked a winner of a hat.  I have discovered it is called a “Ben Hogan”, after the famous Ben Hogan World Champion Golfer.  He can wear it with a t-shirt and jeans and it gives a little bit of manliness to his casual outfits.  I’m sold on it.

My grandfather used to wear a fedora, not a formal dressy fedora but a baby blue cotton fedora that old Italian yankees wear on vacation in Flor-i-da (yankees pronounce the I in Florida that’s how we know you are a tourist and not a native…FYI, it sounds awful with the I pronounced).  I hope my husband tries one of those on, too.  They bring back good memories.  He has a good head for hats.

My dad NEVER wore hats except for one of those hunting hats with the ear flaps…because he’s a hunter…yeah, boo and hiss all you want.  I bet you wouldn’t dare boo at him when he’s holding his shotgun.  My advice is don’t try it.  Needless to say, I would associate a hunters hat with him.

I am glad to see Men’s Fashion opening up men to hats again.  Hats can totally finish  off an outfit and add a note of distinction to a man especially if he wears the correct hat for his face and outfit.  Hats are manly.  Hats are here.  Have fun trying them on and I hope you take one home.

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