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He Likes to be Choked…

My husband likes to be choked or at least it seems like he does.  I watched my husband getting dressed the other night (we were in DC) and he was putting on his dress uniform for the Police Unity Memorial Ceremony and he couldn’t get his collar buttoned.  I ended up helping him with it and it donned on me that men must like getting choked because when you guys put on any sort of oxford button down, especially the sort used with ties, that you are literally centimeters from choking and gagging.  (I don’t think I could wear one of those shirts without gagging, for sure.) The night went well and all the officers looked great in all their revelry and I feel like the fallen officers were honored and after the Memorial most of the officers headed to The District Chop House to listen to the bagpipe bands and drink lots of beer.  But I was left with the thought that a man’s button down oxford shirt is the male version of a corset..around the neck.  Poor men you should be liberated the same way women were back in the day.  I say burn your ties and be set free.  Where is your Gloria Steinem?  Where is your Rosa Parks?   Let me hand you this small flame of empowerment with which to burn your tie and begin a revolution.  Imagine.

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