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Hip Summer Trends for Men

Men are constantly changing the “cool” list when it comes to summer fashion. Some years bring new concepts, and some years prompt the recycling of expired popular styles. The current year contains a pleasant mixture of bold yet familiar fashion statements. Men are taking on the following fashion statements at this time:

Miami Vice Revamp

The Crockett look is coming back after more than 20 years of being dormant. Men are starting to sport dark shades, white jackets and form-fitting t-shirts underneath. Ah, and let’s not forget about the sockless shoes. The sockless shoes have come along for the revival, as well.

Lime Luxury

Some rare unexpected colors are starting to creep into the male fashion realm. An example of such a rare unexpected color is green. Various shades of green suits are starting to manifest in areas such as London. London males are truly going green by choosing entire outfits themed on hunter green and minty green foundations. Aside from the popularity of green in London, the suede fabric has made its mark. Men are wearing suede shoes, shorts, shirts and more.

That 70s Show?

Retro gear is becoming increasingly popular in the male fashion world. The clothing ensembles seem to resemble garments from the 60s and 70s. Fashion enthusiasts are choosing ensembles that resemble those of the Beatles or someone from “That 70s Show.” Even the hairstyles match those of the people of old.

Military-Inspired Outfits

Military-inspired outfits are on the rise during this time. An example of a military inspired style is an ensemble in which the male wears black slacks and hard military shoes with a form fitting t-shirt to top it off. He may decide to add extra flair to the outfit by giving himself a buzz cut. A buzz cut is the epitome of the military style.

Statement Stripes and Plaid Galore

Finally, statement stripes are striped shirts and sweaters that make a statement to the masses. Plaid is making a comeback in men’s fashion these days, as well. Men are wearing plaid pants with solid shirts and sweaters to create an interesting look. Colorful shoes have added themselves to the equation, as well. It is not unusual for a person to see a man wearing a pair of blueberry colored shoes or orange shoes.

Men bring some of the most intriguing outfits to the table. Watching the trends change is an exciting venture that all consumers appreciate.

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