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How to Dress for a First Date

A first date is an opportunity for a man to leave a woman with a long-lasting impression. He will want to make his date desire a second meeting. The following are some tips on making a positive impression on the initial date night:

Dress for the Occasion

Although a tuxedo is a lovely garment, it is not appropriate for a night of shooting pool or a day at the local theme park. The clothes that a man wears to his first date must match the activity. Overdressing is not a good idea as it may intimidate the woman he is courting. Therefore, the best step to take is to call the woman before date night and chat. The two parties should discuss their planned activities, and they should try to find a way to coordinate their outfits.

Engage in Proper Grooming

A first date is a first impression. Therefore, the male must meet impeccable grooming standards. Proper grooming includes trimming the mustache and beard so that they look neat. A male who likes to have his eyebrows waxed should do such before the night of the date. He should have someone neatly cut and trim his hair, as well. Manicures and pedicures are optional, but at the very least, the fingernails should be cut down and free of oils and debris.

The Color of the Clothing

A man can use a few visual tricks to create a mood between himself and his date. For example, the color blue can evoke feelings such as trust, truth and loyalty. Therefore, a man who wears a blue shirt that matches his blue eyes may make his date feel calm and secure. Red is the color of passion and fire, and it is an inappropriate color for a first date. The idea is to build trust. Beige, turquoise and gray are colors that will help to create that feeling.

The Fit of the Clothing

Just as women like to show off their curves, men can show off their curves, as well. A first date that calls for denim would be a perfect time for a man to accentuate his assets. Denim pants should be comfortable enough for movement, but tight enough for the other person to see his figure.

The aforementioned tips will help a man to get a “yes” answer to his request for the second date.

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