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How to Look Rich for Cheap

The words “rich” and “cheap” are two contradictory terms, but they may fit your lifestyle perfectly. If you are a blue-collar man who needs to create the appearance of a “well off” person, then you may have to use some creative, frugal resources. The following are some tips that can help you look like a million dollars without actually spending a million dollars:

The Hygiene

First, your hygiene must be elite. You will have to spend money on a manicure, a clean shave, and a neat and precise haircut. The good news is that you can find coupons for such things by conducting some online research. Some popular “hair cutteries” are currently offering up to 50 percent off.

The Clothing

You can easily achieve the look of the rich by remembering the following three S terms: silk, suits and scarf. Something about the shine of a silk shirt sends a subliminal message to a woman that says you have an amazing income. Dress suits have the same effect that silk shirts have. Neck scarves are items that only rich people are bold enough to wear. Therefore, you must add a neck scarf to your wardrobe immediately.

The Jewelry

You can create the illusion of wealth by adorning yourself with a fine collection of costume jewelry. The idea is to capitalize off other people’s assumptions. Therefore, you should not feel bad if you do not own Louis Moinet watches and such. You can find a wealth of beautiful sparkling costume jewelry at the local discount department store, and you can wear it with pride. You must make your moves quickly, however. The “gold” in your watch may fade within 30 days.

The Shoes

For some reason, women associate alligator shoes with wealth. The assumption seems appropriate since a manufacturer would have to risk his or her life to obtain the materials. You can find a pair of faux alligator shoes at an online auction site for less than $50. The shoes will attract attention one way or the other.

The Attitude

Your attitude is the most important element for pulling off the rich look. You must hold your head up high at all times and walk with a majestic posture. You must speak eloquently and articulately when you communicate with other people. Finally, you must believe that you are a good catch. If you believe that you are a good catch, then the woman of your dreams will believe it, as well.

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