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How to Make Women Want You: Five Tips for Men

This is for all you guys with no girlfriend. Well…. and also for those that do.  Do you have trouble making first dates stick, or do your relationships lose their mojo after a few months? Some men cannot seem to get a phone number. Knowing how to create desire is the key to catching and keeping women. The following are five tips on how men can make women want them:
Learn the Art of Romantic Jargon

Many men miss the mark because they have no idea how to speak to women. Women will always appreciate romantic talk over raw body part compliments and sexual innuendos. The key to getting this right is to be honest but creative. Instead of saying, “You’re hot” to a pretty woman, a man may want to say something like, “Your beauty almost blinded me.” His body language should be sincere as he is saying it, or she may think he is teasing her.

Maintain an Air of Confidence

Women love men who are confident in themselves, but they dislike arrogance. Therefore, men will have to find a happy medium between the two attitudes. For example, keeping one’s head up and turning one’s nose up are two entirely different concepts. A male should always keep his back straight and head up, but he should do it while he is staring into a beautiful woman’s eyes.

Flirt but Don’t Blurt

A common mistake that men make is blurting things from their mouths that they think in their heads. The wrong “blurtation” can be disastrous. However, flirting with one’s eyes rarely goes wrong, and it adds an element of mystique.

Keep a Little Mystery in the Mix

Men should always keep a little mystery in the game. They should never tell a woman everything they are feeling, thinking and planning. That does not mean that men should not disclose their feelings, but they can learn to sprinkle instead of pouring.

Present Some Eye Candy

Women appreciate eye candy just as much as women do. Men should never be afraid wear tight jeans, muscle shirts or spandex. Keeping superior hygiene is necessary, as well. Men will want to keep their faces clean-shaven or trimmed neatly. Their teeth should be free from food particles and stains, as some women fall hard for beautiful smiles.

These are just a few tips. Stay tuned for how to dress to impress in the office.

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