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Innovative Men’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2014

The 2014-2015 season seems to be a season of high experimentation and retroactive love. Fall fashion wears many faces, and they are all quite stunning. The following are three fashion trends that have made their way into the current year:

The Full Nerd Plaid Tuxedo

This season, men are not afraid to go full nerd. The full nerd tuxedo is a plaid tuxedo with black, orange and white lines. The way that one can successfully complete this outfit is by adding orange shoes and a pair of spectacles. The hair should be cut short with a tad of gel to create a “Superman” swirl in the front. Such an outfit works best when the person wears it to a dance or a party.

Plaid pants and shorts are extremely popular items for the fall. Men are sporting styles such as Dockers Fuchsia plaid, Golf Signature Khaki plaid, and Coin Pocket Gravel plaid shorts. Plaid shorts look best when they are offset by a solid-colored t-shirt or a polo shirt that matches either the most prominent or the least prominent color in the shorts.

Beige and Blue jeans

Blue jeans always play a significant role in fall fashion. One of the best denim casual ensembles consists of a faded blue jean with a beige or tan top. A man can accent the ensemble with a pair of designer shades. A pair of tan or beige suede Timberland medium-length boots could add an edgy end to this rugged outfit. The assortment creates a casual look for shopping expeditions, casual dates or strolls at the park.

Floral Print Outfits

Floral print clothing is a daring option for men this fall season, but some of them are sporting them proudly. Designers such as Gucci and Prada have released full silk suits with flowers galore. Such an ensemble is best suited for a man who has a great deal of self-confidence and esteem. A silk floral suit is a lovely wardrobe for a warm night on the beach on an exotic island. Additionally, a man could wear such a suit to his yacht-side wedding. The silk can blow freely as he places his wedding band on his bride this fall.

Many dashing fashion trends are presenting themselves this fall. Fashion-oriented men can adopt an existing fashion, or they can mix and match to create a new innovative fashion trend for the upcoming year.

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