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This is the social season.  It is the time of year in which you will meet tons of people and possibly a lady friend or two.  The way to attract a lady and not a woman is to mind your manners.  Women do not care how you behave but a lady will.  Ladies do not take well to being treated poorly and the manners begin the moment you meet.

Unfortunately, there are no do-overs in the dating game.  There are no opportunities that can take away a bad introduction so I will tell you how to introduce yourself well.

When being introduced to a woman, do NOT shake her hand unless she offers you her hand.  If you grab her hand during a social introduction (business is completely different) it can come across as aggressive in a negative way.  Always let HER extend her hand before you ever reach for her.  Socially, it is also considered rude to reach out because some women do not like being touched.

If you come across an attractive woman and you’d like to introduce yourself please steer clear of the uber trashy pick up lines.  In case you didn’t already know women will be laughing about your ridiculous pick up line for some time and not in a good way.  Just walk up and introduce yourself minus the hand shake and ask for her number.  Even if she gives you the wrong number use good sportsmanship.  Period.

If you score a number, wait until at least the next day before you call and odds are you will need to leave a message.  Your message should be planned ahead of time just in case and it should be rational thought…not mumbled lack of self-confidence.  Good luck.

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