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Searching for the right suit jacket can be intimidating.  After all, there are so many patterns, cuts and styles to choose from not to mention finding the correct fit.  The best advice is to find the correct fit for you then pick style from there.

American cut is the boxy cut of jacket from the traditional suit that you see plastered everywhere in every ad.  It is not a fitted jacket, it is not trim or slim.  It is known as the “sack suit” because it does not follow the lines of the body at all.  It has boxy shoulders, a single vent in the back moderate padding at the shoulders.  The American cut is made for comfort not fashion and that is the reason it is the most popular jacket in our country for business. It is perfectly acceptable to wear the American cut suit for most semi-formal or business events.  For the most formal of events one must wear other styled suit jackets.

English cut is the original suit.  It is a fitted jacket that follows a mans lines giving the impression of the perfect figure.  The English suit has minimal padding at the shoulders with a double vent on the back( a throwback from the horse-riding days) and must be tailored for the correct fit, hence not cheap.  This style suit is the jacket of the morning suit, the suit I was married in.  This cut of jacket is very appropriate for work but to the American taste it’s a tad too formal for everyday work…it’s more of a top executive suit.

European cut is the jacket that has no vents, lots of shoulder padding and it is cut right to the mans dimensions giving the wearer the inverted triangle look (wide shoulders and narrow hips).  It is a suit that necessitates the wearer being in pretty good shape and shows off the manly form to perfection.

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