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Job Interview Grooming Tips for Men

A job interview is one of the most important meetings that a man will ever have. Therefore, he will have to present himself in a perfect light. A perfect interview presence means having an above-average physical appearance and the right attitude. The following are some grooming tips and mental tips for a man going on an interview:

A Clean Shave

Many prospective employers frown upon facial hair for men. Therefore, getting a clean shave before the meeting is imperative. The male should purchase top-grade razors and shaving cream for the pre-interview shave. Once he obtains the job, then he can gauge the prospective employer’s leniency about facial hair.

A Short Haircut

The male’s hair should be above his neck. Prospective employers prefer a short cut. However, if the interviewee insists on having long hair, then he should wear it neatly pulled back in a ponytail so that it does not fall on his face and deplete his interview etiquette.

Business Casual Attire

Business casual attire is necessary for any first interview. Business casual is a happy medium that falls in between formal attire and casual attire. Many applicants use the business casual look because formal attire is excessive. The look can suit a prospective employer of any type whether it is a restaurant business or an insurance agent. A business casual look consists of dress slacks, a dress shirt and dress shoes.

A wide variety of shoes and shirts is available for a male to achieve a business casual appearance. He should select neutral colors such as black, white and gray for his outfit. Gray slacks with a black shirt and a black belt would be appropriate for an interview. His socks should be thin black dress socks as opposed to white crew socks. A manicure would add to his overall appearance if he can afford one.

A Winning Attitude

The most important part of a man’s presence in an interview is a winning attitude. The clothes will not make much of a difference if he has a pessimistic outlook. Therefore, he must have positive posture and an optimistic attitude. He should enter the interview with his head up high and his back straight. He will want to look into the interviewer’s eyes at all times. Additionally, the interviewee will want to have faith that he will leave the interview with a job offer.

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