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Ladies First: Why men should take most fashion tips from women’s reaction

Men tend to opine about what they wear and what, realistically and feasibly, is considered fashionable for them.

A lot of variables tend to play into how they think: age, money, comfortability and overall where they are at the moment as far as their style is considered. Men might be confused with a few of those items, particularly when they clash (the mentality, not the clothes). Like for instance if a man feels like his socks go great with sandals because he’s feeling good in them and they help keep his feet dry, even though that is fashion mistake 101 for men as it pertains to footwear.

As much as guys like to think they know best or can flip through an article online to find out what they should or shouldn’t be wearing, you also have to take into consideration one voice that might be the most important.


What a woman thinks about how you dress could be the difference between approaching one while you’re out and finding success to being laughed off the dance floor for more than just your cabbage patch and running man like moves.

Women might be the best indicator, quite frankly, about what is good or bad for men when it comes to anything from that gold chain you’re rocking since high school and needs retired or those khaki shorts that either needs the pleat removed or tossed aside for something more contemporary.

So what else do women think needs to go as it relates to what a man wears?

For guys, you might believe that the little oversights don’t mean much, but they do. Consider if you’re wearing athletic, white socks with dress clothes or your socks just don’t match. Imagine a woman you’re seeing for the first time and she looks over to the driver’s side of the car and sees you wearing one tan sock and one black one because you just said the heck with it.

Men also can’t underestimate the little things they do wrong that women notice and they should, too. You should never wear wrinkled clothes or have a tie on that is too short for your shirt. A belt always is a good idea and please if you can help it (which you can) make sure your clothes fit. Nothing is quite as unnerving in the eyes of women when a guy tries to wear clothing that is too big for his frame, so he looks as though he’s a young boy wearing his dad’s clothes. It also works the other way; guys who put on clothes that are too tight tend to be looked at negatively too, even if you’re in shape.

Most of the time, men have at least some scope of what works or what doesn’t. When they don’t, a female perspective never is a bad idea.

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