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Large Boy or Man?

I have a relative who is professionally successful and financially successful but when it comes to being a man he falls very short.  Any male can make a baby but a Man takes care of the child and knows that the best way to love your child is to love the child’s mother.  This cousin of mine is embarrassing to the core because he does not take care of his wife.  Yes, he provides financially but he does not shelter her nor help her with the baby.  It was shameful to see him leave her and the baby to themselves at a recent family gathering.  I wondered if he knew what he was doing or if that’s just the way it was with them.  He’s an attorney for Pete’s sake he should be intelligent enough to know that every momma needs help even the feminist momma.  A woman needs to be reminded that she is a woman and not solely a mother.  Fellow, do not leave your wife alone too much.  Take her out often and remember why you loved her to begin with and keep that kindled always.  Prove you are a man by acting like one, especially with your woman.  Being a husband means you are the prime example of servitude and humility.  It’s the ultimate job in life.

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