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Late Summer Seasoning: Fashion for men is about accessories, comfort

Late Summer, as warm weather lingers but cool weather is on the way, some men begin cleaning out their closets in the hopes of finding something respectable to wear a the season changes.

That poses to be difficult when you’ve been hiding threadbare summer clothes. Many feel as though cooler weather is the easier of the seasons when it comes to style and fashion.

Throw on heavier clothing and don’t worry about what you’re wearing, whether you’re talking about those bulky pants or accessories that hardly are worth noticing (like your grandpa scarf and some sort of winter cap).

The Fall season is different as you start to lose more than just a little bit of that clothing and have to start thinking about the weather cooling off and trying to look just as cool in the process.

Those jeans, for example, as things cool off, replace shorts and linens and provide a great opportunity to update the wardrobe without breaking the bank.

The T-shirt also is quite popular when the weather is warmer, but men often take the lowest road possible and don’t put a lot of thought into something so simple, even though you can take the bland and make it beautiful. Simply upgrade to a long sleeve T-shirt.

That isn’t to suggest you have to overthink the T-shirt, but you should think about forgoing the simple crewneck in favor of the V neck or the Henley, with the latter being the two or three button option that is comfortable and convenient but still has a look about it that could pass as casual and contemporary but worn to be somewhat dressy. If you have to go crewneck, make the fabric more than just cotton. Softer material is what makes the difference between something that is tight, shrinks and just looks average.

Finally, shorts are a must in the spring and summer, but why not change up the look next year and get rid of those shorts that have already seen a season or two?  Trade in those white sneakers for something that doesn’t look like running shoes, along with replacing pinstripes for something solid as it cools down.

Guys don’t have to fear any season, truthfully, as long as they take the weather in stride and make more than just an adequate effort to look the part of someone who cares about fashion without trying so hard.

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