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LE TOUR Fashion


I’m a big cycling fan.  I literally look forward to schedule conflicts with the car so that I can ride my bike to work or to the store or just for fun.  I absolutely LOVE packing my change of clothes and makeup in my cycling bag so that I can change at work.  I love the smell of the sunscreen I have to wear in order to not scorch on my ride….I LOVE cycling.  What I do not like?  Other cyclists that think they are Lance Armstrong, ya know, those riders that are rude when they ride.  They do not warn you as they come up behind you.  They do that nose blow thing and snot goes flying all over you (yes, that has happened to me).  They speed up if you are riding anywhere remotely near them because they think you are trying to draft off them…and they are matchy-matchy with their kits.  Dorks.


Wearing the correct clothing for cycling is very important.  You need the breathable fabrics in order to not overheat cycling or freeze for that matter.  You NEED a helmet because not wearing one is as  irresponsible as clubbing and leaving your drink on the counter.  You need a cycling jersey so that you can easily travel with your keys, credit card/cash, gels and other items.  You need cycling shorts because they save your donkey, literally, and chamois creme (try it).  You do not NEED cycling shoes, but clippless peddles are amazing.  If you do not have cycling shoes then you should have the archaic toe cages.  Clipless peddles use your power on the down stroke and the up stroke.  Think twice the power for the same amount of work, yes, tempting isn’t it?


Now, I am a cycling enthusiast not a cycling snob, therefore, I think that having a matching kit is nice but not necessary.  I see people all the time cycling that match their helmets to their kits and their socks and their bikes, etc…  I think going that far is complete insanity and in my eyes is the same as driving a Ferrari wearing Ferrari clothing (compensating for something).  Your cycling kit has nothing to do with your ability as a rider but it does help in the area of comfort and recovery…think seams and raw skin…if you are a cyclist you just cringed.  If I had to pick ONE item of a kit that is the most important to buy, I would say it’s the shorts.  I personally like capris, so if you are buying for your lady friend look into capri, not the super short shorts.  I have never seen any woman no matter how thin or in shape NOT sausage roll at the point where the shorts grip your thighs.  If you are buying for yourself, the shorts are fine on men.  If you live in a colder region then get pants.  Granted, no matter what you wear will give you the sexy cycling tan lines, but that comes with the sport.  (All cyclists either adopt the tan lines or spend time on the beach fixing it or lots of cash on spray tan.)


Some new people are afraid to invest in the kit because they think it looks silly and who could blame them?  Who really wants to wear skin tight pants, shirt, strange helmet and slippery shoes around other people, but the truth is it’s the best way to truly enjoy the sport.  Trust me, once on the bike no one is staring at you and the strange clothes.  No one is looking at your chub rolls because everyone is high on endorphins enjoying the ride.  I promise.  Wearing the correct cycling clothing will not only help you enjoy the sport but will also make you appear chic when your cycling group stops for a cappuccino and biscotti.  Ride on.


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