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Let’s Suspend Reality

Of all the modern day adaptions for men’s clothing I do miss one article of male finery…that’s suspenders.  Being southern men used to wear bow ties and suspenders all the time but some time in the 90’s it stopped.  Sometimes, you will see someone being aggressively scholarly and they will don a set of suspenders and even wear a tweed jacket with elbow patches, but not often enough to excite me.  It seems like gone are the days when men really took pride in their regional attire like suspenders.

Suspenders actually evolved during the last 300 years and lost popularity about 1920 after WWI when men became accustomed to wearing uniform belts.  Suspenders, also known as braces, were always thought of as underwear and as the waistcoat or jacket fell out of favor, so did the suspenders.  Too bad, too, because nothing can show off a pair of arms or a sexy back like a pair of suspenders.

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