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Man Camp

This summer I designed a camp for boys.  The boys will be taught how to tie ties, shoot BB guns and run obstacle courses.  I will teach some boys this summer the art of being a real man and I cannot wait.  I will teach them that real men value their families and invest in them.  I plan on laying out the fact that real men invest in their wives and sacrifice for her daily.  Well, the good ones do anyway.  I will teach these young man cubs everything I think the next generation needs to know in order to continue our way of life one more generation.

I plan on teaching them how to think an idea through…how to work as a team…how to be resourceful..How to be men.  My camp is called The Gentleman’s Bootcamp.  I already have one signed up.  I work with him after school already…He is very big for his size and is always hurting kids his age due to his size.  I pulled him aside one day and explained that it’s not his fault that he keeps hurting people and it’s unfair that he has to work so hard at being gentle…but it’s his job given to him by God to try twice as hard as everyone else to be gentle.  He smiled and looked down as his paw sized hands with pride and awe.  I hope he learns soon that true power is strength controlled.


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