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Man Eaten: How to avoid being gobbled up by fashion miscues

When you hear about fashion do’s and don’ts, most of it centers on the women of the runway, and the subsequent styles they adorn and whether they’re worth emulating or tossing aside as being more of seasonal swing and miss.

And if it’s not the actual style that is sorely off based, it’s basic style rules that aren’t really working for women. Something as simple as clashing color schemes or patterns is enough to leave fashion enthusiasts and consumers alike simply shaking their collective heads.

But what about guys? Men, in general, and their fashion miscues often are given a pass, chalking it up to the preconceived and substantially outdated notion that men shouldn’t care or be held accountable for clothing choices that are questionable at best.

The truth is men aren’t just prone to mistakes, but your guy might also not even realize how badly his wardrobe or today’s outfit is unless you respectfully call him out on it.

Depending on the shape and size of a man, he might have a propensity to wear his clothes too big, and this isn’t just about being a little overweight or carrying extra poundage in your stomach.

If men like their weights and lifting, they might find themselves buying shirts and jackets, for example, that are too big in the waist but fit nicely in the arms, chest and shoulders. You may want to consider a fitted shirt or a tailored jacket, for example.

One fashion misstep far too many men make are buying pants that are too long, and thus look as though you’re mopping up or dusting every floor you come into contact with, all day, every day. Of course, the alternative is pants that are too short, so the general rule of thumb is the pants should be about halfway between the heel on your shoe, leaving anywhere from an inch or two to the floor. Pants that are too short; well, that’s just downright clownish to wear.

For years, the debate about button up shirts has raged on between tucked and untucked. The tucked and untucked really is more about comfort and how casual the event or setting is. Leaving a shirt untucked can be fine, as long as it’s not too long and looks as though you simply forgot to tuck it in. Several men’s fashion brands have designed shirts that are meant to look good untucked, so you’d be wise if your an untucked kind of guy to look into those companies. And please, if you decide to tuck, either make sure the shirt is tapered (meaning it’s meant to be tucked and look clean and neat) or don’t forget that you should be tucking the shirt into your pants, not underwear. Nothing is worse than watching that shirt slowly untuck itself and show off your briefs in the process.

Some fashion rules are made to be broken; they’re considered progressive and daring. These simple fashion mistakes for men aren’t any of those things but rather glaring flaws you should consider fixing.

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