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March To Your Own Beating Drum

I find it ever so interesting, and also entertaining, that although I have three boys who have grown up together and are all very close in age, they each favor a different style, each very distinctive to their personality. For example, my oldest son truly beats to his own drum, literally. As a drummer, he embraces the longer hair and as an artist he embraces a bit of a retro style mixed with a mild bit of skater without the board. His color schemes are darker, mostly blacks, grays, purples, and the occasional whites. His personality is what I have called “Rica Sauvé” since the day he arrived, although he has no idea what that means still today. He’s just got something about him that says “Joe Cool”.

My other two sons are mirror twins, meaning that one is a lefty and one is a righty basically. And, although their faces are identical to someone who doesn’t know them, their styles and personalities are complete opposite. The older twin is the life of the party wherever he goes and he chooses bright colors in his clothes. He sports whatever hair style calls out to him at the time of being cut, and a large portion of his clothing is red, hence a sign of his adventurous side. The younger twin is the guy we call “the business man” around here. He is more of a simple young man, likes the shorter haircut and is more conservative on the spectrum of color choices in his wardrobe. He prefers a pair of jeans to his twin’s choice of khakis and appreciates a clean look.

Being the mom of such distinctively different young men has taught me that regardless of what trends are popular or even what might look the best, it’s truly how you feel in what you have on and who you are that defines and debuts your style. There is no sense in forcing my drummer to cut his hair to the business man look or putting my older twin in black clothes if that is not who they are. Sure, there are occasions in which proper clothing is required or a designated look needs to be accomplished, but for every day life, you just have to let your kids be who they were created to be. After all, if we were are created to have the same taste and style, what a boring world we would live in.

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