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Mean Jeans: Are you really wearing the right jeans?

Jeans can be tricky, especially for men.

Now, most guys might argue that point, stating that jeans are the easiest piece of clothing they can buy, own and wear.

The problem with that sentiment and mindset is that most men who feel that way are wearing the wrong type of jeans, and that means those guys are anything from terribly outdated to totally going against their body type or what style best suits them.

Jeans aren’t universal and that thought gets lost with every guy that walks up to a rack of loose fit jeans, finds his size and walks away without so much as thinking about the cut, the leg opening or if he’s even wearing a size or style that flatters him.

Most any guy can pull of denim and look fashionable but unfortunately there are still jeans that are more of a joke with how they look on, for starters.

When you talk about jeans, most men want to know an approach that isn’t costly or complicated and rather would like to discuss jeans that are timeless in a sense and won’t be going anywhere, style wish, anytime soon.

You want to stick with two simple types or cuts of jeans: tapered or straight leg paired with slim fit or a relaxed fit with a boot cut opening. Nowhere on your wish list should be flared jeans, skinny jeans or anything else that, while fashionable, could be out of style sooner than later or, at the very least, hit the proverbial fashion wall and be gone for years to come.

Another popular tagline being added to the tags of your jeans is “athletic fit,” a namesake that would suggest your jeans are going to have a little bit of play in them, almost like rechristening them denim sweatpants (or something of that nature).

The athletic fit is a fine choice for just that reason. If you don’t like the straight leg look but aren’t exactly loving how misshapen you look in relaxed jeans, the athletic fit might be the perfect compromise. It allows the jeans to adhere to your body type, whether you’re sporting skinnier legs or have the quads of a linebacker.

Jeans simply aren’t just a given. Buying them and wearing them properly takes attention to detail, time and effort to know what looks best and, just as importantly, what to steer clear of at any given cost.

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