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Mean Jeans: Do men finally have Best of Both Worlds?

Jeans are quite the polarizing piece of apparel, particularly because for most men, finding the right piece of denim is downright difficult.

From boot cut to flare, along with the skinny jean trend (yes, even for men), loose fit, baggy and everything in between, men are riddled with mix signals when it comes to finding something that fits well and is equally comfortable and flattering.

But as men are mulling over exactly the style, cut and size they want to wear, yet another variable is added to the equation.
What about the guys that love the gym but have trouble finding jeans that fit their body type? Here’s what the problem typically is in that situation. Men who hit the weights hard have trouble with tops and bottoms from a fashion standpoint.

They typically have larger shoulders and chests but small waists, coupled with larger arms and legs. So what happens is they have to buy jeans with a 36 or 38 inch waist when they’re really more a 33 or 34ish at worst. The result is a fashion nightmare for men, who are being punished for being in shape.

Those guys are essentially forced to wear denim that fits one of two ways: fine in the waist and too tight in the legs or really baggy just about everywhere so their legs can breathe but everything else looks awful.

Thankfully for guys who love their squats and are serious about their denim, fitness meets fashion with various companies starting to realize a need in the jeans marketplace. What is happening is a line of jeans that essentially stretch. No, stop thinking about pairing them alongside maternity wear for women but rather look at these jeans as serious, legitimate options.
Most of them are made to look just as stylish as the denim you’d find in a department store or trendy outlet, but they adhere to your muscular body type and don’t force you to buy something you ultimately don’t want.

Some of these companies, such as Barbell Apparel, market themselves to not only athletes but the general public as well. Because the style runs current with what’s hot and culturally accepted for men from a fashion standpoint, these jeans manufacturers might be on to something.

Even if the jeans don’t take off with the non exercise crowd, they’ll at least solve a style problem plaguing most men, or at least the ones that aren’t ready to give up their workout routine in lieu of being able to wear wondrous denim.

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