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Men’s Boot Ideas for a Second Date

Boots are becoming an integral part of men’s fashions nowadays. The males are using them for a purpose other than keeping their feet warm. They are using boots to create a unique flair at which other people will marvel. A second date is the perfect time for a male to introduce a new boot style because he will know whether the female will accept such a look by then. The following are some ideas for second-date boot choices:

Basic Timberland Boots

Timberland Boots are popular among the urban crowd. Many people enjoy their style and their sturdy build. The men’s 6-inch tan colored Basic Waterproof Boots are an excellent choice for a second date because they are neutral and versatile. In other words, a man can wear any style of pants with them and still come out looking as if he is wearing the perfect outfit. He can wear a pair of dark blue jeans, corduroys or shorts of his choice. The basic boots are $145, and they come in the Wheat Nubuck color, which is highly adaptable to any clothing color. Second dates can consist of any colors, but the best color for such an event are blue. Blue is the color of stability, faith and trust.

Robert Wayne Roma Chukka Boots

Robert Wayne Roma Chukka Boots are highly attractive boots that are excellent for a sophisticated event. The boots come in gray and black colors, and stores such as Nordstrom offer them. They are ankle length boots, and the customer can purchase them in a leather or suede material. Such boots would go well with a black dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants or vice versa. They are the perfect footwear for a dinner at a prestigious restaurant. The Robert Wayne Roma Chukka Boots have a price tag of $99.95.

Ariat’s Heritage Roughstock Boots

The Ariat’s Heritage Roughstock boots are an amazing choice for males who wants to take a Western approach to his date. The boots are available at the Country Outfitter online store for slightly less than $180. They would go nicely with a cowboy hat and a pair of Western jeans. The boots are fortified with special ATS technology that cushions and supports the foot as the person moves.

The second date is the opportunity for a man to show a woman his special flair. Any of the previously mentioned boots styles will help a man to do that.

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