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Men’s fashion and SAG Awards 2013

Oh, Justin…Why’d ya do it?  When is it okay to be so informal at a formal event?  How do you expect to be a good male fashion role model when you ignore the rules???  The most recent SAG Awards showed us a great collaboration between Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake despite his faux pa of wearing a suit that was too informal for the event.  Everything would have been picture perfect if he had been attending a different event, though.

Justin is taking the opportunity to design men’s clothing since he collaborated with Tom Ford for J.T.’s wedding to Jessica Biel recently.  Another famous singer turned designer is Gwen Stefani with her label, LAMB.  Gwen has been able to vaccilate between designer and singer quite effortlessly over the years and has recently taken off for another tour with her group.  I am looking forward to see what Justin has up his sleeve for men’s fashions, especially after seeing his ensemble for the SAG’s last month.  His designs seem to be very traditional with a nod to English fashion and a thumbs up to the modern man.  I have to say I really enjoyed his hairstyle, very manly.

Bradley Cooper actually had the best look with the correct level of formality for the SAG Awards.  He is a man that seems very comfortable with fashion and always wears his clothes versus his clothes wearing him.  I do think his hair was a tad long, though, but for the length it was styled well.  Ben Affleck did not fare so well in my opinion regarding the SAG’s.  He had a suit that was apparently a Euro cut (closer to the body than the boxy American cut) that made him look like a bobble head.  Sorry Ben.  His facial hair which is something that I would normally like was out of place in his formal dress.  His suit was not a tuxedo but more of a formal suit but with his black tie he looked  like a character for the next “Men in Black” movie.

John Krasinski from The Office was fabulous in his Calvin Klein suit.  I can’t praise him enough on his SAG look.  I think the best part had to be his pants.  Seriously amazing and very well tailored.  I think it was tasteful of him to have a very dark blue suit versus black. That’s how a man can change things up, navy versus black.  Or you could do as Daniel Day-Lewis and wear dress loafers instead of the tie oxfords with a tuxedo.  Very on trend.

Earlier I mentioned a European cut tuxedo…well, James Marsden was wearing an American cut tuxedo.  Notice how loose it appears on him and how very American he looks.  The American cut suit and tuxedo is broader in the shoulders and looser in the thighs giving a man a bigger look.  I tend to like this look better unless the man wearing the suit is on the very tall side or petite otherwise the man looks like Ben Affleck did, a bobble head.



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