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Men’s Fashion Tips for Looking Younger Than You Are

Women are usually the ones who are known for trying to make themselves appear young. However, a man may want to shave a few years off his life for the purpose of meeting younger females. A man can use some fashion trickery to keep a young and fresh appearance. The following are some fashion tips for a man who wants to look younger than he is:

Shave Down to the Baby Face

One of the easiest and quickest ways for a man to take some years off his life is to get a clean shave. The “baby face” look will surely remove about 10 years from a man’s appearance. Some women love a bare face, and some women prefer a rugged appearance. The male will have to decide if shaving down to the baby face will increase his odds.

Show off Your Pearly Whites

Showing off one’s smile is an excellent way to present a younger appearance. A man who has dimples or attractive laugh lines can be a magnet for single women. Pearly white teeth are women magnets, as well. A nice professional cleaning and teeth whitening session from the local dentist may be just what a man needs.

Wear Hats and Accessories

Baseball caps and skull caps are inexpensive investments that can make a man look a few years younger than he is. Other accessories that may help to change his appearance are earrings and necklaces.

Go for the Skater Dude Look

Skater gear is known to make a man look younger than he is. Examples of skater gear are Vans shoes, descriptive t-shirts and pants with chains on them. Long hair and tie-dyed canvas shoes can be excellent additions to the style, as well.

Loosen Up

Baggy pants are in once again. They have a special way of making a man seem youthful and easy going. A male can purchase baggy pants at a wide variety of online and physical locations. Examples use some of the places a man can find a pair of baggy pants are KNG, Macy’s, eBay and Amazon.com

Gel It Up

Finally, hair gel can be a fun way to bring forth a younger appearance. The male can experiment with the gel by squirting it into his hands and rubbing it freely into his scalp until he creates hair art.

Creating a youthful look with any of the previously mentioned tips will be exciting and fun. A daring young man can use any of the tips, and he will see results.

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