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Men’s New Year’s Eve Fashion Tips

New Year’s Eve is a holiday during which men can have a blast with their clothing. Men naturally have more options than women do as far as fun holiday gear. The following are some clothing and accessory suggestions for males who want to get deep into the NYE festivities:

The New Year’s Eve Faux Tuxedo Shirt

The faux tuxedo top has been a popular male New Year’s Eve item for many years. The tuxedo top consists of a long or short-sleeved shirt with a tuxedo graphic on the front of it. It gives people the illusion that the male is wearing a tuxedo from afar. The male could have fun with the shirt by wearing it with a pair of jeans, or he could try to enhance the illusion by wearing dress pants and dress shoes. A man can find a tuxedo shirt on sites such as etsy.com or ebay.com. They come in colors such as black, white, red and green. The male can purchase a t-shirt version, a long-sleeve version or a sweatshirt version of the faux tuxedo. The prices may vary, but they are typically under $20 for one shirt.

New Year’s Eve Formal Suit Colors

New Year’s Eve can be a time for a man to strut his stuff in an elegant formal suit. The suit does not have to have the traditional black coloring. Nowadays, manufacturers create a wealth of New Year’s Eve suits. A gentleman could steal the party in a purple suede suit or a teal or raspberry suit. Those who prefer the traditional look can seek a white, black or gray tuxedo with a top hat to match. Macy’s offers a generous collection of Ryan Seacrest, Izod and Tommy Hilfiger tuxedos.

Top Hats

Top hats are almost a requirement at any New Year’s Eve event. Cheap top hats are available at a wide variety of retail stores and online shops. Examples of stores that sell top hats are eBay, Walmart, Target, Ziggos, Amazon.com and more. A man can find a luxury top hat on a website such as Dobell. Dobell.com has a fascinating collection of top hats in every color. Furthermore, the site is having a huge winter sale that offers its customers up to 80 percent off most merchandise.

A man can bring in the New Year in a fashionable and exciting way by considering the aforementioned tips.


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