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Men’s Second-Date Fashion Tips

Making the best impression possible on the first date is important for a man because he may not get another chance to see his date again. However, sometimes a woman will give a man a second chance—and a second date—if she decides to let a first-date blooper slide. A chance for a second impression does exist, but a third chance is highly unlikely. Therefore, a man will have to ensure that he does not err on his second date. The following are some fashion tips for round two of “Will I see her again?”

Match the Clothing to the Event

Many men make the mistake of wearing clothes on the first date that have nothing to do with the event. An example of such an incident is a man wearing a full-blown tuxedo to play miniature golf. Not all men make such a huge error, but some of them fall half way in-between ridiculous and inappropriate. The best way to avoid wearing inappropriate attire is to confirm the event several times before meeting up. Additionally, the male will want to conduct research and look at pictures to ensure that he is choosing the appropriate attire.

Do Not Overdress/Underdress

Another accident that men sometimes make on their first date is outdoing their dates. They either dress way too classy for the women, or they dress in gym shorts while the women wear evening gowns. Coordination is the key to a successful second date.

A Clean Shave Always Wins

A man should always go for a clean shave no matter which profile he uses most of the time. A clean shave is a universal sign of respect and cleanliness. A woman is more likely to be turned off by an unkempt beard than she is to be turned off by a clean shave. A second-date man should always go for the look that has the higher success probability.

Go for Subtle

Finally, the man will want to keep his attire subtle and not too racy or colorful. For example, a Hawaiian-styled shirt may be too loud, and a bright red outfit may seem like an invitation to a passionate relationship. The man should stick to solid and reliable colors such as gray and blue. Black pants are acceptable, as well. The shirt’s color should have a little life in it, however.

The second-date man can start with the previously mentioned tips and try others if he thinks of some additional ideas.

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