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Nostalgia Act: Why this Summer for men is a 90s flashback

Who doesn’t love a good nostalgia act?

From rock bands to movies being re released, you’ll always recall fondly the thing you loved 20 or 30 years ago, even if for a new generation they’re seen as tired, campy and outdated.

But unlike the 20th KISS reunion or yet another remake of Death Wish, you can always count on one piece of nostalgia to never get old, and that comes from the wonderful world of men’s fashion.

Fashion always has a way of coming full circle and returning to form.

That’s exactly the case for men’s fashion this Summer with plenty of favorites from the 1990s making a huge comeback.

And this comeback isn’t going to be met with a lot of sad sighs or feeling sorry that this old timer is trying for one last hurrah. Nope, this fashion has found a place in your closet some 27 years after the fact.

For starters, denim is downright everywhere for guys, and it starts with a blazers and button up shirts. This fashion trend was gaining steam for a few years, but it’s officially arrived for Summer. But you’d be wise not to overload in denim, either, instead if you’re going to make your top and bottom (jeans) denim as well, make sure the colors contrast with one another.

Also hotter for the cooler Summer temperatures is another 1990s staple: corduroy. Whether you’re rocking pants or a jacket, this staple is back and better than ever.

Another 1990s style that is ready for its swan song of sorts it the turtle neck, only this time with a twist.

Say hello the roll neck look.

There’s a little bit of difference between the roll neck and the turtleneck, mostly the style you choose with the former. You’ll want to keep the material and fabric of the thinner type. The big, bulky turtlenecks aren’t in style this Fall, so remember that thin is definitely more in than its clunky alternative.

The rollbacks are a bit more laid back, sort of a scrunch look around your neck, versus the turtleneck, which was meant to wear in a more proper form.

What’s old is new again, and fashion for men this Summer is no different.

While there is such a thing as 1990s and nostalgia overload, you can’t look past the fact that this decade delivered then, and it’s ready for its reunion tour this Fall.

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