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Nuts About Baking

My wife is gluten-free so I thought it’d be nice to make her a gluten-free dessert.  Oy-vay!  What an ordeal.  Gluten free is not just inconvenient it’s expensive, too.  What a joke.  I searched gluten free cooking and came up with a gluten free yet mostly paleo site for making desserts.  The author uses almond flour which is not cheap.  I grabbed my protein smoothie blender and threw a few almonds into it and presto almond flour.  I buy my almonds at Sam’s for my protein smoothies after I work out…(who’d guess that it’d be useful).

Elena’s Pantry uses almond flour for almost all their recipes and believe it or not everything bakes just like bread, cake and brownies.  The only  thing that did NOT turn out were the cookies so don’t make those, but everything else is top shelf.  Surprise your wife with a homemade dessert today.

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