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Over-Bored: Why complete overhaul of your man’s wardrobe won’t be trying

Suggesting a wardrobe change to a guy for just one evening out can be trying, but just imagine ladies if you’re trying to convince him that his entire closet needs condemned.

That conversation is almost an uphill climb and then some, but the best approach might not be one that has you grilling your man but rather encouraging him that a wardrobe change isn’t going to be too difficult but rather a seamless transition from high, white tube socks with equally vanilla sneakers.

So how exactly do you tell your guy to ditch his sandals and white socks pairing and ease him into a new look?
The trick is to break down the wardrobe isn’t something that has the look and feel of casual fare, almost like trying to sneak up on a deer without startling it. You don’t want a typical bland wardrobe, for example, to suddenly be spruced up to the point where it seems to drastic, trying too hard or not just easing into something basic and beautiful.

First thing’s first, however, you should be cleaning out that closet for anything that is terribly outdated or something that you simply don’t wear anymore and replace them with your basics.

That list is quite simple: jeans, button up dress shirt (white and black), a blazer, khaki pants and a slew of plain colored T shirts. As for accessories, stick with the three basics (sneakers, brown dress shoes of the leather ilk and a pair of boots).

The boots can be your choice, such as the affectionately and unbelievably in style work boots of a lighter fare or a slip on leather boot with adequate ankle support.

One element of this wardrobe fix up is having what you need on some sort of a budget. The word “budget” and “fashion” typically don’t go hand in hand and the former word often is ugly when you talk about getting new clothes.

But budgeting clothing or buying with a price point in mind only means you can get creative with where you shop. For guys, a plain, solid colored T shirt can cost as little as $10 at an Old Navy, so why does it need to be $50 somewhere else?

Redoing your wardrobe for your man can be something that is quite as painful and pulling the proverbial teeth as you would assume. Chances are if you frame that basics list the right way and keep things simple and effortless, the experience will be exactly the same.

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