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Personal Space

I know this guy who does not understand personal space.  He’s old enough to know that everyone has a bubble of personal space.  City bubbles are smaller than country bubbles and man bubbles are bigger than women bubbles.  Everyone has a bubble ‘cept him!  He actually has come up behind me and leaned toward my ear to say, “Boo”.  I about decked him.  It’s not like he was flirting.  He creeps me out.  I work with him so I run into him often and I think I will just have to tell him one day to give me space as I push him away with my fist…but since it’s not the most professional thing to do I probably won’t do it.

Back in school I would’ve decked him.  In an office setting I’d have to have a VERY good reason to push his teeth toward his diaphragm.  I really think someone should tell him he seems like a creeper.  HR somehow missed the whole creeper vibe.

In case YOU do not know how large a personal space bubble is I will give you the 4-1-1.  Listen up.  A city bubble is about the same circumference as you standing holding a cup of hot coffee.  Got that image?  That is the New York/Chicago bubble.  It’s the man to man bubble.  The man to woman bubble is about the circumference of having to reach your arm all the way out to touch her shoulders…unless she is your wife.  your wife should be under your arm.  The country bubble man to man or man to woman is that same size.  Another words, no tailgating.

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