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Please Wear Man Shoes

Men, have you ever had a glimpse of that woman that thinks she cute when she wears pony tails…not one, but two like a school girl?  You know how even when that woman is about 21 she is too old for the whole school girl thing, yet she will still wear pony tails trying to hold on to her youth?  Does she look young or does she look only that much older???  Yep, she looks older.  Matter of fact, she looks down right silly.

I have discovered the male counterpart to ponytails….It’s Van’s or Globes, or any shoe of that sort.  Who just groaned?  Was that you?  or was that your back groaning and aching from wearing those silly shoes?  I know they remind you of your childhood.  I know you had a half pipe in your back yard, but now you are a dad.  Nowadays, you build the half pipe, not skate it.  Why you ask?  Because you no longer bounce when you hit the ground,…you break.  Pass the skating torch AND skating shoes to your son and buy a pair of man shoes.  If you absolutely must buy a pair of skater shoes please buy them for your son or a nephew.  Men should wear man shoes…like loafers or “driving shoes”…that’s it…you can buy “driving shoes” because you want to drive a fancy car one day.  Just like when you used to buy skater shoes because you wanted to skate when you got bigger.

Please wear man shoes.

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