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Print Charming: Choosing right pattern, accessories make wardrobe worthwhile

From the watch that adorns your wrist to the kind of shoes you’re wearing for the spring season, accessories are a must for men if they’re really trying to either change their wardrobe for the better or stay current with their look and the vibe they give off every time they put on more than just a shirt or pair of pants.

Accessories, from a man’s standpoint, often are overlooked.

Men don’t much credence in a time piece, for the most part, and they tend to fall short on shoes or even color selection for their skin tone and body type as they begin to piece together a closet that isn’t sad.

As for the watch, this accessory died out with the arrival of the iPhone, and you’d be hard pressed to find a time piece that you can make your peace with as far as spending money to tell time. But men are best served to get a watch that is more about function than flare, that looks more like mountain climbing and outdoor ruggedness versus a piece you’d wear out with a formal suit, and tie.

The color of your shirt might seem simple enough, but this is more about pairing that top with a color that flatters your skin tone, and you can’t help having a paler complexion but that jus means you steer clear of bright colors, like red or blue specifically. Your body type, too, should be taken into consideration. If you’re a larger guy, you want to make sure the patters are large as well.

Shoes are the final piece to this wardrobe puzzle as most women see shoes as the one element that really drives home just how attractive clothing is on men. This fashion season sees men working a hybrid of sorts with dress shoes and sneakers melding nicely with one pair of shoes that is appropriate for business casual but also can be dressed up and worn about with a sense of comfortability.

Men might not be inclined to take into consideration all the right accessories or their skin tone when it comes to picking a particular shirt, tie or pair of pants, but those who do are the ones who take style to a fashionable level and aren’t accepting of average or the status quo.

Choosing a shirt or watch, for example, isn’t going to take all that much time away especially when you consider just how great you’ll look even if it isn’t simply shopping off the rack blindly.

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