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Razor Sharp

I am a little unsure of how this post will be received since it will be slightly controversial.  But I will go ahead and put it all out there for posterity.  I would like to discuss Man-scaping and I do not mean beards.  Bic makes a man razor with two heads.  One head is for trimming a beard and when you take the beard trimmer off you get a razor.  Basically, Bic has created a way for you to trim hair and then once it is trimmed to a manageable length to shave down to bare skin.

At first glance you may think this razor is for your face…and in a way it is.  But there is an entirely better and interesting use for it, too.  Look down.  Lower.  That’s right, it’s way down there.  (If you are looking at your legs you have gone too far.)  It’s time for man-scaping.  Your partner will thank you (since no one enjoys a hair deep in the throat) and then you will thank yourself once you realize all the new sensations a lack of hair creates.

I may have gone too far with this post but then again I know the wheels in your head are turning.  Be  a man.  Pick up the razor and like Nike says, ” Just do it”.

Happy New Year to you.

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