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Rough Lips

Since you obviously shut down and turned into the cold war man since my post on face fro, let’s try to meet in the middle on kisses.  Perhaps picking where you will be prickly is a good place to start…such as lips.  Chapstick has a great product that is called ChapStick Matte.  It’s a chapstick with all the wonderful properties of the usual chapstick BUT it’s not shiny so you do not get girl lips…but totally masculine pale matte mouth.  It won’t look like you’ve licked your lips or shared gloss with your lady friend.  It will actually just let you look like you yet…smoother.  Think Rico Suave from Miami in Chicago.  or Pit Bull in New York…southern heat and moisture in a tube to coddle your lips in the crazy Northern Spring weather.

I spent 9 days in Boston a few years ago in the middle of a Nor’easter and my skin cracked and lips flaked and I had never been so cold ever.  That was the first time in my life I valued lip and hand moisture.  Being from the tropics I usually spend my days moist because the sun pulls it out of me…like a french fry on a napkin…greasy.  But up north, it’s a whole different world.  I was snagging my hands on my sleeves and wanted to desperately sit in a sauna and under a light therapy light simultaneously.  But since neither was an option I ended up slathering myself with lotions and creams and had to give up wearing rings while I was up north in the crazy weather.

That brings me back to my original statement.  It’s still cold.  You will get warmer with smooth lips (via some loving) than with a beard and cracked lips.  Make sense?

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