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Say No To Crack

This is not post regarding drugs.  It is a quick note regarding belts.  Wear one.  You are not a plumber.

The rules for wearing belts are as follows:


1.  Your belt and shoes should at least coordinate if not match.  For instance, if you are wearing black shoes you should not wear a brown belt.  You need to stay in the same color family at the very least.

2.  You do not need to match finish of the belt and shoes.  For instance, you can have a suede belt with matte black shoes.  Or you can wear brown leather shoes with a beige canvas belt.  3.  It’s better to wear your belt a tad looser than a tad tighter.  The belted pillow look is not a good one… even on a pillow.

4.  Use a belt to show your personality.  If you are a man that loves luxury you can sport an Herme’s pebble finished grey belt with your ensemble.  If you are a little punk you can don a multi-spiked number.  Why not, right, life’s so freaking short.

5.  Match the metal finishes of your belt and shoes, and satchel, if you carry one.  For instance, if you are wearing a beautiful Gucci belt with a gold buckle why would you add Hermes shoes with a pink gold buckle AND use sterling cuff links in your french cuffs?  It’s fashion confusion and should not be done.

You may ask yourself if a man should be using his time to take such small details into considerations but the truth is this…your business could be riding on small details since people judge you by the way you dress and carry yourself…but if you dress wrong, you may not get the chance to prove your smarts.

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