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Second-Handed: Why certain clothes are tailor made to buy used

For men, buying used has quite the negative connotation as far as what that means to their wardrobe.

Guys tend to buy used in terms of looking at cheaper alternatives to accepting a stylish outfit or design, instead looking at ways to save a buck and ironically buck a trend of spending too much on your clothing.

But does buying used always have to be that bad?

Not at all, actually. Buying used has its place in men’s fashion, but it has to be on the kind of terms that gives you the type of clothing that lends itself to buying it used, obviously staying away from things like bathing suits, under garments or anything person but also deciding against the obvious such as jeans, dress slacks or suits, which seem as though they’d be just fine used but actually are advised against that quite vehemently.

You want to be able to try on those sorts of garments for the right look, feel and fit, particularly the suit part. Buying one based on size alone, much like the jeans, too, is ultimately going to lead you down a path where you’ll be wishing you actually had a chance to try it on, rather than sight seen but minus the try on phase.

Shoes tend to be the best place to start, even though you might want to initially steer clear of slipping your foot into someone else’s shoes. But boots primarily are a great way to buy quality and save money. If you come across a pair of boots that look broken in but not worn and still in good shape, buy them. Chances are the person bought a new pair and had no reason to get rid of the old.

When it comes to used clothing and men, you also want to be clear what the real term “vintage” means. When you think vintage, you should be looking for used denim jackets or even leather jackets or coats in general. Most outerwear in the form of jackets don’t really tend to lose their style or fashion sense. Denim jackets, for example, aren’t always a stylish move but can be found in certain pairings with other clothing that can make the denim actually work for you, rather than against you.

Leather jackets are somewhat timeless, aside from a few styles that came and went (Member’s Only, anyone?). Those jacket styles allow you to save hundreds on a leather jacket that you love, without paying full price.

Who says “used” can’t completely fulfill your wardrobe and save your money and yet still give you the exact look you want even if someone else wore it before you did.

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