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As a woman I have wondered what would make men wear speedos.  I think that the most American of reactions is that Speedos do very little to cover the male form.  Not that the male form is bad but it’s not american to let everything hang out like that.  I once owned a condo and I remember changing my daughters diaper at the pool (on a chaise lounge not any conspicuous) and an old man reported me for that…the same old man that would wear a Speedo everyday with his elderly junk hanging to his mid thigh.  He claimed my changing a diaper in public was indecent.  Yet, he wore a Speedo everyday all day.  I told the old condo nazi that brought me the paperwork that the old man in the Speedo should be charged with indecent exposure not me.  Marge the Sarg, pool Nazi did not find my sassy mouth very funny nor did I find the amount of the fine funny so I never changed another diaper at the pool.  But that old man still sits there at the pool and yes, he is in a Speedo,

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