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Sperry’s for Men

Back in the 80’s there were no cooler shoes than a pair of Sperry’s, especially if they were barrel tied and worn without socks.  Many a young man kicked about in Sperry’s with easter egg colored pants rolled (not cuffed) and a Don Johnson blazer also rolled at the sleeves.  Most of these men had either feathered hair or (egads!) the Alabama waterfall.

Well, who would’ve guessed the Sperry’s are back sans mullet.  I personally think the Sperry’s are great as long as the man has large feet otherwise it just looks like he stole his sisters boat shoes.  And just in case you did not know….Sperry’s are NOT for boat decks as so many people assume.  Being from the boating set myself, hardcore sailors will laugh you off the dock if someone even owns a pair of Sperry’s, let alone wears them to the docks.  Boat shoes are for the yacht club.  Boat shoes are for driving a Mercedes or BMW, but boat shoes are not for a boat…ever.  But if you own a pair of Sperry’s enjoy them and learn to do the barrel tie.



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