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Spring 2015 Hairstyles for Men

The spring season is a season of warm weather, which means that males will want to wear hairstyles that give their heads some breathing room. Additionally, the males often desire to wear trendy styles with the change of the seasons. The following are some ideas that modern males can use to discover an attractive new spring look for themselves. The styles are affordable and easy to create:

The Short Undercut

The short undercut is a hairstyle that is extremely popular with today’s males. Artists such as Justin Bieber have sported the hairstyle and received a positive response from the masses. The style consists of shaved sides and back with the medium-length crown. The male often uses gel to create a backflowing wave. The short undercut is a good idea for the spring time because it keeps the sides and the back of the head free from sweat, and it creates a trendy image.

The Bald Buzz Cut

Celebrities wear the buzz cut during the spring for various reasons. Some male celebrities wear the buzz cut to hide a receding hairline. Other men may wear it to cover gray hair. Nevertheless, the bald buzz cut is perfect for the spring time because it accents the male’s facial features. His hair color will not contrast with his clothing because it will not show. A man can purchase a pair of clippers and shave his head himself, or he can visit a professional barber who will be more than happy to assist him.

Natural Twists

Natural twists are an option for people who have thick and healthy hair. The style is common among African American males, but many other people create twists for their everyday lives. To create a head full of twists, one must separate groups of hair strands and twist them until they form swirly locks. The male must do this to the entire head. Wetting the head or using beeswax can help to expedite the process.

The Flat Top

The flat top style is a hairstyle that one can find by watching the classic movie “Top Gun” and looking at Ice Man. The style is inspired by the military, but modern trendy persons have modified it to add texture and height.

Men can try various spring styles until they find one that perfectly fits their faces. Finding the perfect look for oneself can be adventurous and exciting.

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