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Spring 2015 Tuxedo Choices for Men

When is a tux not a tux? When it is out of date. Going into 2015, tuxedo trends are evolving an it behooves all guys to be on top of the trends to look and feel their best.

Weddings are the number one occasion for which males have to dress in a tuxedo. Other events may include formal business events, proms and royal outings. Deciding on the best tuxedo for the occasion is a process that a man must conduct carefully. The following are some ideas for spring 2015 eye-catching tuxedos for men:

Madison Fit Golden Fleece Three-Button Notch Tuxedo

The Madison Fit Golden Fleece Three-Button Notch Tuxedo is an excellent choice for a formal dinner. Brooks Brothers currently sells the tuxedo for $2,100. The jacket has three buttons on it, and the pant leg displays a ruffled mid-section. The tux is made mostly of Saxxon wool, and it has a classic notch lapel.

Fitzgerald Dinner Jacket

The white Fitzgerald Dinner jacket is something that a man can wear to a dinner or a beach wedding. He can purchase the jacket for $899 at Brooks Brothers and add it to either black or white pants. The dinner jacket is made of imported wool and it comes with a special flag pin that the company uses to pay homage to America. The male can have the jacket dry cleaned at any time.

Grey Modern Style Tuxedo

A man can create a modern look by visiting the Tuxedo Rental website. He can order a Joseph Abboud Notch coat, grey flat front pants, a white microfiber shirt, a Joseph Abboud vest and black round shoes. Grey socks and cufflinks are available, as well.

Dolce and Gabbana Pindot Three-Piece Tuxedo

The Dolce and Gabbana Pindot Three-Piece Tuxedo is an attractive piece for all occasions. It comes in a navy and blue virgin pattern. The tuxedo comes with a two-button jacket, trousers and a vest. The cost for the entire outfit is $3,595. The company provides free shipping for all of its United States orders.

Dolce and Gabbana Brocade & Velvet Three-Piece Tuxedo

The Brocade & Velvet Three-Piece Tuxedo is a sleek tuxedo that can fit into any formal occasion. The black and red tuxedo has velvet shawl lapels, velvet flap side pockets, black gimp trim and a vertical darting at the front. The piece is purely unique and dashing. The cost for the three-piece tuxedo is $4,995.

Men can choose from a wide variety of elegant tuxedos for all their prestigious occasions. Rental is an option for those who would like to cut the expenses.

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