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Spring Forward: Why men’s fashion this spring centers on simple

Have you ever bothered to pay attention to the men who are deemed fashion moguls?

No, not the ones on the runway that are dressed a little too flamboyant for the general public but rather someone like David Beckham, who has his own line of clothing at H&M, the highly visible and stylish store for men and women.

Beckham is the guy who likes to do what is popular for this year, spring specifically, and that is keep things simple.
Call it a simple spring, a dressed down transition from winter to the next season or nice weather paired with an easy going style, but the truth is Beckham isn’t just the poster boy for H&M and spring.

He gives hope to all men this year as it relates to fashion and not falling into the trap of trying too hard to impress.
Beckham hardly would quality as fancy, but rather demure in like a hot guy and trendy kind of way. His springtime attire is one that most men should implement, and that is a plain colored T shirt and jeans that are relaxed through the waist and thigh and a little tapered through the leg to the ankle.

The spring jean style is one that goes away from the blue that is denim but more toward a dark blue or almost a black tone to the jean.

Aside from the plain colored T shirt, tops for men this spring are not only solid in color but also neutral.

From clothing to accessories, the spring is filled with simple in the form of those as well, starting with boots. Colorful centers on boots that are a light brown (tan, really) and slip on shoes have made a comeback to the point that loafers are hardly just lying around waiting to be noticed.

Instead, slip-ons are back and in full force with blues and greens pushing to the forefront of your footwear choices.
And for those cooler spring nights, keep the jacket light and plain in color but also make it one that is a little less form fitting and more of the looser variety, a style that has supplanted the tighter appearance that typically was worn by men more recently.

Whether you opt to go large and in charge with your jacket or coat, or follow the Beckham rule of solid colors for spring, the general theme for this upcoming season is less is better and not to try so hard yet still be able to pull off the look you want.

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