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Style Points: How to look the part on a budget

No one ever wants to hear the word “budget.” Just the idea of it makes most people cringe.

The word ultimately is associated with depravation and the feeling as though you can’t have.

Budgeting is especially difficult for men, when it comes to fashion but not for the reason you may think.

Most men have little to no desire to look stylish and therefore a budget isn’t the issue. They’d be happy to buy packs of T shirts, jeans at a big box retailer and wear the same tennis shoes until their toes poke through.

But what most men don’t know is that budgeting and style can go hand in hand and even if buying a plethora of clothes or developing a go to wardrobe isn’t necessarily a high priority, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it all at the right price without drastically changing your look from one day to the next (sort of like how your friend goes from being bald to having a full head of a hair in like a month, and no one wants to ask how it happened).

Your wardrobe must be simple yet stand out, and in doing so the first rule of thumb is to not overthink what you’re buying and instead work with the essentials: white shirt (button up, long sleeve), boot cut jeans, relaxed fit but not overly baggy, a pair of chinos or khaki pants, and a pair of black dress shoes that aren’t loafers or slip ons but instead pointed boot, leather look that goes with jeans and khaki pants as well.

These are tremendous starting points at a price that is hard to ignore in a good way. You can build all of those clothing tent poles for a few hundred dollars, not needing to drop thousands to revamp your fashion sense.

Funny enough, the latest trend seems to center on accessories as well, which can be a nice topper to what you’re wearing. That includes anything from an over the shoulder laptop canvas bag to something as simple as socks. Yes, socks.

The most recent craze has to do with jazzing up an outfit of any kind with bright colored socks to add to what would be considered plain or uninspired. Those aforementioned items (the white shirt, jeans or khakis) might need a little flare in the form of your footwear, sock included. Also, don’t be afraid to buy a pair of stylish tennis shoes that look more like throwbacks then current models, as the converse, 70s style shoes still have plenty of staying power.

Having the clothes you want or the look you want doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor does it have to look as though you’re trying too hard. Instead, start basic and keep it that way for ultimate success with your budgeting and bottom line as far as what you’re wearing.


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