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Sweat Shopping: How to look fashionable yet stay comfortable

Women know just how hard it is to pull off that rolled out of bed look underscored with a sense of style and fashion.

Simply put, what is it like to be fashionable and flawless but still remain comfortable when your look needs to be impressive and all you feel like is wearing sweat pants and shirts 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Those who are adept at fashion know exactly what it takes to look cute without trying and can rock that overly comfortable look to the point that they don’t appear haphazard in whatever they’re about to embark on that day.

Let’s start from the bottom up.

Wearing sneakers often brings us back to the gym or some sort of run or physical activity, but your shoes, sneakers specifically, no longer have to define you to the treadmill or pounding the pavement.

Sneakers are being paired with everything from long, flowing one color and comfy dresses to mini skirts and T shirts tucked in to the point that you’d be hard pressed to stare upon that outfit and think anything more than impressed.

From what is covering your feet to keeping your head covered, what about everyone’s favorite throwback top that is the epitome of relaxation: the hoodie. This jacket is all about keeping it cool and laid back but that doesn’t mean you have to equate it with napping in the afternoon on the weekend.

The hoodie looks quite right when you have it covering your head and paired with a leather jacket and a pair of jeans. The hoodie still fits just perfectly and as much as you want to think of it as your “down time,” things will be looking up when you have it as part of the right ensemble.

And nothing says “down time” quite like pajama pants and those aforementioned sweat pants. Sweats aren’t just for your workouts as most of the higher end brands are designing these pants to be worn with things such as high end accessories or blazers Pajama pants can be paired with a long sweater or a suede jacket.

The accessories point is quite valid and is worth noting that the better received your handbag or scarf is, for example, the better perceived your sweats, sneakers and pants are going to be. You can add jewelry to that list as well.

As much as you love getting dressed up, wearing your perfectly form fitted dress and high heels that are nothing short of exquisite, you can’t underestimate just how wonderful it is to dress down without looking equally worn out.

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